Commercial Relations

School Audit is CLIENT-CENTRIC. The process of audit involves brainstorming, researches, studies, debugging, discussions, generating documents and formats etc which needs considerable investments. School Audit looks forward to its successful implementation, maintenance, and continual improvement so that our clients can navigate their way through the challenges of the ever- demanding education industry.

The School Audit will forward the offer letter and raise an invoice of work considering the volume of work involved, number of personnel engaged and the materials used etc.
The School Management shall pay 50% of the invoice amount towards Audit fee advance along with the order for audit - duly signed by the Correspondent or the Principal of the School.

25% of the invoice amount shall be paid on implementation of the system, the remaining 25% shall be paid before submitting the audit report.

The amount shall be paid by a Demand Draft payable at Bangalore or a local Cheque drawn in favor of ‘School Audit’ .

School management shall effect necessary deduction of tax at source as applicable.