School Audit Procedure

The School audit is done by exploring the following areas without affecting either the school system or the personnel.
Self Assessment by the School
Study of the system adopted and previous audit report if any.
Comparative Study of Self Assessment by the Auditing team.
Audit of Academic administration from the Principal to Class teacher.
Audit of finance activities including PF, ESI,PT,IT etc
Assessment of delivery of services by the faculty members.
Customer Satisfaction and feedback
Discussion with the Top Management.
Orientation programme for the staff.
Summarized advice for non compliances.
Issue of Certificate on fulfilling the non compliances.
The Auditors appointed will send a schedule of audit as per the dates and time agreed by the institution. On reaching the campus they will meet the Principal and the staff members to explain about the audit schedule and the necessity of the programme. This meeting enables you to explain your existing system, and to understand the functional and methodical organization of the certification process. Principal shall explain the rules and regulations of the school if any, the organization set up, the prior Audit Reports if available and other relevant documents.
Further the auditors will prepare the following documents for the School.
Quality Manual of the School.
Quality System Procedures
Conduct and Disciplinary Norms for the Staff.
The School management shall approve the same and the SYSTEM will be implemented. The auditors will monitor the maintenance of the system for about one month and will conduct a certification audit. Here the auditor assesses the extent to which you have implemented the requirements of the standard. On compliance of the non-conformities identified by the Auditors, School Audit will issue the certificate.